Carolina Forest not zoned for batch plants

Posted by Michael Smith on Feb. 10, 2011 at 2:05 p.m.

This blog entry is devoted to an unnamed reader who recently telephoned me concerning batch plants.
The caller asked about batch plants. Specifically, he wanted me to address whether batch plants are even permitted under the Carolina Forest land development agreement.
I was pretty sure they weren’t. My suspicion was confirmed today by Horry County Planning Director Janet Carter.
The batch plant concerns arose following my Feb. 3 story about possible batch plant locations.
As the story stated, “possible batch plant location” was a phrase loosely defined by Horry County planners.
“It doesn’t mean they’re zoned to be batch plants,” said county principal planner David Schwerd. “What it means to be a possible location is that it’s zoned for a commercial use and not within a 500-foot buffer [of a neighborhood].”
Signed in 1998, the Carolina Forest land development agreement froze zoning in place. Nowhere in Carolina Forest (at least within the land development area) does the zoning permit batch plants.
Read more on this subject in my Editor’s Pad column planned for the Feb. 17 edition of the Carolina Forest Chronicle.



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2 responses to “Carolina Forest not zoned for batch plants

  1. concerned cf resident

    what in the helllll does is have to do with anything. durga durga

  2. Steve Robertson

    Michael–I really like your new blog. GREAT JOB!

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