Website identifies speed traps in Carolina Forest

Posted by Michael Smith on Feb. 23, 2011 at 3:45 p.m.

A website operated by the National Motorists Association identifies several speed traps in Carolina Forest.
Most of the speed traps identified on were in areas encompassing River Oaks Drive and International Drive/Grissom Parkway.
“Enough radar to toast a marshmallow,” reads one comment in reference to Grissom Parkway near S.C. 31. “Getting ticketed is the real ‘Fun in the Sun’ here for unsuspecting tourists.”
Another comment takes a swipe at state and county police who typically patrol River Oaks Drive between International Drive and Carolina Forest Boulevard.
That section of road is four lanes and divided by a grassy median, but the speed limit is still only 35 mph.
“They [police] sit in the middle of the road with lights off (which should be outlawed for our safety) in front of the Bellgrove [sic] development/Food Lion forest plaza,” the post reads.
The site operates much like Tripadvisor, with drivers posting their own comments.
The site also allows drivers to click “yes, this is a speed trap” or “no, this is definitely not a speed trap” in a similar way to the “like” function on Facebook.
Twenty-six drivers thought the area of S.C. 31 and Grissom Parkway was a speed trap. Three didn’t.
The response was much stronger at River Oaks Drive, with 60 drivers saying it was a speed trap. Nine said it wasn’t.
Conspicuously absent from the list were Carolina Forest Boulevard (from Spring Lake Drive to U.S. 501) and George Bishop Parkway near Freestyle Music Park.
The entire list of Myrtle Beach area speed traps is readily available online.
Read more on this story in the March 3 edition of the Carolina Forest Chronicle.



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4 responses to “Website identifies speed traps in Carolina Forest

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  2. They also sit on their little scooters and wait for people coming off of 31 who have been going 70 miles per hour to come of the exit ramp onto International Drive and slow it down to 35 mph. There is no danger in this area so they need to find another place to ‘protect and serve’ and not rip us off. We already pay a corrupt tourism tax. Check the facts.

  3. joe

    Michael Smith checking facts? I seriously doubt it!!!

  4. not happy

    this is not a speed trap the speed limit going into the back of CForest is 35 MPH (do it) plus all you doodoo heads out there that want to make CForest 5 lanes just so you can speed take the bayway to speed . So do the speed limit and live with it and when they do make it 5 lanes (hope never) the speed limit is going to be 35 MPH all the way so live with that and you will have to cross two lanes now when you turn not one that sucks.

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