Coastal Uncorked news follows Chronicle report from April 2010

Posted by Michael Smith on March 2, 2011 at 9:45 p.m.

Now that news of the S.C. Secretary of State’s inquiry into Coastal Uncorked has hit the streets, I’d be remiss if I didn’t call attention to a related story that appeared 11 months ago in the Carolina Forest Chronicle.
In the April 8, 2010 edition, the Chronicle reported that the food and wine festival received $80,000 in taxpayer support that year from the City of Myrtle Beach.
You can read the story in its entirety by clicking this link.
The earmark came a few months after the festival’s founder chaired a political action committee that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help stump for four Myrtle Beach City Council incumbents, three of whom were re-elected in 2009.
The donations and subsequent earmarks didn’t run askew of state ethics laws.
However, considering the rhetoric behind efforts to end May motorcycle rallies coupled with a flurry of alternative May events, in the interests of transparency we reported this important news.
Readers already new council members were pushing hard to replace the rallies. This story shed important insight into how deep that push extended.
“There is a discussion to be made about how cozy this has been,” Cathy Hazelwood, general counsel for the ethics commission, said at the time.
Now that the S.C. Secretary of State’s office is involved, it appears that discussion is continuing.
Stay tuned for future updates to this story as it continues to develop.


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