Chronicle wins 11 state press awards

Posted by Michael Smith on March 11, 2011 at 2:30 p.m.

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Photojournalist of the Year gallery
Photos by Michael Smith | The Chronicle

Barely a week has passed since the S.C. Press Association awards, and we’re still humbled and honored to be recognized.
The Photojournalist of the Year award was a total shock because it was originally designed as an award for all papers, regardless of size or frequency of publication.
Since competition was so stiff, they decided to split the award into a weekly and daily division.
I still feel like I don’t deserve it. Several other weekly photojournalists won numerous individual awards. It’s my understanding judges looked at a separate portfolio.
Since there’s so much other news in the print edition, I thought I’d devote this blog entry to showcasing the visual work that judges recognized. The attached gallery consists of assorted photos making up the Photojournalist of the Year portfolio that we submitted.
I’ve also included the individual award winners by category. Congratulations to all the journalists of Waccamaw Publishers for their hard work and awards!

First Place

Photojournalist of the Year, Michael Smith, portfolio
Page One Design, Michael Smith, portfolio
Photo Series or Story, Michael Smith, “Bash at the Beach”
General News Photo, Michael Smith, “Engel family embrace”
Enterprise Story, Michael Smith, “Unfair Market Values”
Integration of Print and Web Coverage,” Staff, portfolio

Second Place
General Excellence, staff, portfolio
Reporting in Depth, Michael Smith, “Tourism Tax Errors”
Photo Illustration, Michael Smith, “Now u can pay mtrs by txt”

Third Place

Weekly Newspaper Website, staff
Sports Enterprise story, Amanda Kelley, “Field House of Dreams”


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