CAB getting out of control in Myrtle Beach

pic-Wax MuseumHere we go again.

The Myrtle Beach Community Board, a city board that reviews business plans and has a well-deserved reputation for its capricious judgment, is doing its best to put the kibosh on a project that could bring jobs and tourism revenue to the City of Myrtle Beach.

This time the CAB is taking exception to Hollywood Wax Museum, a proposed business use for the old NASCAR Cafe, which has largely remained dormant for years.

The large scale museum plans call for a new Hollywood sign, King Kong, and a celebrity version of Mount Rushmore covering the front.

At a meeting Jan. 17, CAB members bombarded representatives from Hollywood Wax Museum and Burroughs & Chapin, owners of the building, with unfavorable comments and criticisms. This comes in spite of tepid support from the City of Myrtle Beach and city council members, who apparently viewed the project as “favorable.”

“Well this would be new, this would be different, but it might fit in with the other lively things that we have here,” city spokesman Mark Kruea told Chronicle television partner WMBF News.

Tell that to the CAB. Never mind that there are restaurants shaped like a pyramid and globe across the street. Never mind also that there’s an upside down building we all call Wonderworks, a project that incidentally the CAB did its best to kill. Wonderworks survived, in part, due to reporting by the Carolina Forest Chronicle.

Local leaders are fond of referring to Orlando, Fla., our community’s main competition when it comes to tourism, as the “300-pound gorilla.” Until the CAB changes its capricious nature, Myrtle Beach might as well be a 150-pound chimpanzee.



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2 responses to “CAB getting out of control in Myrtle Beach

  1. Michele

    If it will bring jobs, tourists, and revenue- Kill it! That is what we do! Unbelievable! Maybe they should be more worried about the fact that the downtown area is looking seriously dirty, dilapidated, and filled with shops selling more drug paraphenalia than anything else!

  2. Ronald tagliabue

    I have seen the one in Pigeon Forge Tenn and I definitely think it would be an asset to our community

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